Brain Find Level 48 Answer [Elementary school student can do it]

Brain Find Level 48 Answer & Solution

Brain find level 48 Answer
Brain find level 48 Elementary school student can do it Answer, Hint and detailed step by step walkthrough guide is Posted on this page. This game is developed by Focus Apps and available for download on Google Playstore and App Store.

Brain find is another Puzzle game by the developer of the popular game Brain Out, You have to think outside the box to pass the level. We are providing the detailed hints below box, Visit BrainFindAnswers.Net When you Stuck at any level to get the detailed solution with image hint.

Brain Find Level 48:

Brain Find: Elementary school student can do it

Answer: Put the yellow and blue color in one tube

Put on finger on that tube to avoid spillage and shake your phone to get (yellow+blue)=green color

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